Ask about adding these services to your appointment!

  • Aromatherapy
  • PerfectSense Paraffin Treatment
  • Scalp Massage
  • Additional Time for Hands, Feet and/or Scalp
  • Lip & Eye Firming Mask
  • Pure Collagen Mask
  • Hot Stone Placement
  • Reflexology/Foot Massage

Mobile Massage & Spa

Would you prefer your massage at home? All massages are available as mobile services. There is a $100 minimum initial hour and regular menu prices thereafter.. See the Massage & Mobile Spa page for details.

Massage Class for Couples

This couples massage class is based on simple, easy-to-learn Swedish and sports massage techniques and is designed to help you and your partner share the nurturing, relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage with each other. $179

Featured Services

Upper Back, Neck & Shoulder Express: 

This 30 minute service is based on the Upper Back and Neck Clinical Trigger Point Therapy protocol. By releasing the primary trigger points from the lower trapezius (mid/upper back) through the occipitals (base of skull), this protocol relieves the pain and tension of every day life which results in headaches, stiff necks, pain around the shoulder blades, etc. This protocol is the foundation for all our massage services--it is just that effective. 

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30 minutes - $45      Series of 6 - $225 <--what's this?
Member Price: $36 <--what's this?

Therapeutic Combination Massage - 60, 90 or 120 minutes:

Long, flowing strokes of light to medium pressure (Swedish style massage) relax the entire body, while more specific Clinical Trigger Point work is performed on your most problematic areas of tension and pain. The 90 minute option is our most popular service by far.

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60 minutes - $60    90 minutes - $85     120 minutes - $110
Series of 6:       60 minutes - $300   90 minutes - $425 <--what's this?
Member Price: 60 minutes - $48   90 minutes - $68   120 minutes - $88 <--what's this?

Couples Massage - 60 or 90 minutes:

Two therapists working simultaneously to deliver soothing, blissful massages side by side for you and your love with hot towels and relaxing music that will have you blissfully drifting away in no time.
60 min: $120     90 min: $170

Date Night! Wednesday 8pm, 60 min: $130   90 min: $180

To book your Couples Massage, please call to check availability of second therapist. Adding a second therapist on short notice may be a bit of a challenge and I want to ensure your appointment is assured! 281.389.7481

Pregnancy Massage - 60 or 90 minutes:

Utilizing the BodyCushion support system, this massage allows expectant mothers to safely and comfortably receive massage. Relieves back and sciatic pain, neck pain and headaches, and is shown to reduce depression, anxiety and improve birthing outcomes. 

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                     60 minutes - $75     90 minutes - $100
Series of 6:    60 minutes - $375   90 minutes - $500 <--what's this?

Hot Stone Massage - 90 or 120 minutes: 

This full body massage with heated basalt stones combined with Trigger Point protocols for the upper back, neck and shoulders melt away tension and improve the body’s flow of energy, resulting in a deep state of relaxation. This is our least clinical, yet most luxurious massage.

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                      90 minutes - $100    120 minutes - $125
Series of 6:      90 minutes - $500   120 minutes - $625 <--what's this?

Deep Tissue Combination - 60 or 90 minutes:

If you require deeper pressure due to extraordinary tension, this massage combines with specific Clinical Trigger Point Therapy protocols to provide relief and relaxation. There is a reason mine costs more.

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60 minutes - $75    90 minutes - $110
Series of 6:          60 minutes - $375  <--what's this?
Member Price: 60 minutes - $60   90 minutes - $88 <--what's this?