Longshore Massage offers Pregnancy Massage in Alvin, Texas. Prenatal Massage is shown to relieve back and sciatic pain, neck pain and headaches, as well as reducing depression, anxiety and improve birthing outcomes.
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Pregnancy Massage

Many people tend to think that massage is a luxury, however, it can be a great benefit, especially during pregnancy.

What is pregnancy massage?

The term basically describes all types of hands-on massage that is performed during or even after the pregnancy period. The duration of such a massage can vary, but it’s usually around one hour. There are some massage therapists who actually offer a pregnancy table which increases the comfort for pregnant women that take a massage session. The benefits of such a table can actually be seen towards the end of the pregnancy period. Longshore Massage utilizes the bodyCushion body support system, the #1 positioning tool in the medical and healing arts since 1986 (allowing expectant mothers to lie face down safely and comfortably, often for the first time in a long time).

Benefits of pregnancy massage

The University of Miami School of Medicine studies say that pregnancy massage comes with a wide range of benefits, which include:

- A better sleep

- Lowers the leg and back pain

- Lowers the anxiety level

- Lowers the stress hormone levels

- Increases the dopamine and serotonin levels

- Decreases the cortisol levels and lowers stress

- Brings a large mood improvement.

Pregnancy massage is adapted to the person in question and to the specific changes that the body of a woman has to endure during pregnancy, to include blood volume increasing by around 50%, in addition, the blood flow to the legs tends to become sluggish.

Circulatory issues must be considered and dealt with appropriately to ensure a lower risk for developing blood clots. This is the main reason why pregnancy massage experts call for avoiding strong pressure (deep tissue massage) to the legs. The major types of massage that should be avoided are the shiatsu, cross-fiber friction, percussive taping, deep acupressure and deep-tissue massage.

Benefits of prenatal massage

Massage therapy can do wonders overall for the prenatal period. It provides the woman with a very good way to promote wellness and reduce the stress caused by the pregnancy period. It also brings a professional way to relief discomforts such as stiff neck, leg cramps, backaches and many discomforts. Thanks to the stress reduction, the prenatal massage actually relaxes nervous tension and reduces occurrence of depression that often accompanies hormonal changes.

During the prenatal massage

The prenatal massage is performed with the bodyCushion system in order to reduce the extra strain in the pelvic area and the lower back. If not dealt properly, the strain can lead to abdominal and back pain. This can accentuate during the second trimester, so the best way to deal with the problem is to lie on your back and place a cushioned wedge under the hip to bring a slight elevation. Of course, the pregnancy massage can be tailored to the needs of any woman, and it can include numerous techniques such as Trigger Point protocols or Swedish massage, among others.

Reliefs for the everyday symptoms

The pregnancy massage brings many benefits, although you should always discuss your particular symptoms with your massage therapist.

Headaches can be dealt with by focusing the massage on the shoulder, neck and head area. By maintaining a minimal stress relief level, the pregnant woman may escape tension headaches and migraines.

The extra weight provided by the baby can actually create muscle tension, and the best way to deal with this is to encourage the blood flow in that particular area. Increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid can remove the toxins which will make the pregnant woman feel a lot more relieved.

Leg cramps, backaches, or fatigue can prove to be troublesome during pregnancy, but thankfully these can all be relieved with a good massage.

With the release of serotonin during a pregnancy massage session, you will be able to counter all the normal pains and aches that can be felt during the prenatal period.

Pregnancy massage will provide the pregnant woman with a much better sleep at night. On top of that, regular massage sessions can actually remove the discomfort and instead boost relaxation.

Staying healthy

In order to maintain a low risk during the pregnancy period, extended massage sessions are recommended! However, if a woman experiences discomfort or has a high risk pregnancy, the she needs to consult a doctor in order to avoid any problems.