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Dallas Longshore MA, LMT, providing professional therapeutic massage since 2007, has returned to private practice in Flower Mound, Texas. Specializing in the treatment of myofascial pain and discomfort with Clinical Trigger Point Therapy, he has developed the Therapeutic Combination Massage, integrating specific Clinical Trigger Point Protocols with a traditional day spa relaxation massage; it's the best of both worlds. Now accepting new clients in the Town of Flower Mound, he currently offers mobile massage services to the Flower Mound/Highland Village area.

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Massage Services

Massage Services

Longshore Massage provides a professional and relaxing experience to meet your individual needs. Our evidence based and research driven approach to managing your soft tissue pain may now be enjoyed in the comfort of your Flower Mound / Highland Village area home.

Clinical Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Clinical Trigger Point Therapy is a systematic, comprehensive approach to relieving physical pain. The system builds on the research of Drs. Janet Travell M.D. and David Simons M.D. and developed by Dr. Laura Perry DC in 2001. Dr. Perry's design of effective treatment protocols to address Trigger Points most typically involved with common pain disorders is the foundation on which the Longshore Massage practice is built.

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The year 2003 began a great deal of change in my life. Over weight, I resolved to do something about it and ultimately started on the path that brought me here. Completing a Master's degree in Health & Human Performance at the University of Houston in December, 2006, I began massage school in January, 2007.